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Ever wondered , like a free flying bird up in the sky , if you could also soar high up in the air towards the pearly clouds, into the beautiful blue and experience the sensation of flying!

Well, that is very much possible….. thanks to the amazing discovery of paragliding which the mankind has made and developed that is closest to free flying without disturbing the nature!

Following and copying the same techniques as the birds do, you can also fly and climb up gently in the air...using thermals to stay up and fly from valley to valley. What is most important? It’s very safe plus it’s comfortable!! This is probably why paragliding today is rapidly growing as one of the most loved air sport in the world.

And Phoenix Paragliding Adventures is here as your right friend to take that incredible ride into the air!!

Paragliding tandem flight from Sarangkot mountain

When the sun warms the ground, it will warm some features more than others and these set off thermals which rise through the air. Sometimes these may be a simple rising column of air; more often, they are blown sideways in the wind, and will break off from the source, with a new thermal forming later. Once a pilot finds a thermal, he or she begins to fly in a circle, trying to center the circle on the strongest part of the thermal (the "core"), where the air is rising the fastest. Most pilots use a vario-altimeter ("vario"), which indicates climb rate with beeps and/or a visual display, to help core-in on a thermal. Good thermal flying is a skill which takes time to learn, but a good pilot can often core a thermal all the way to cloud base.

It's my first time paragliding and with this agence all is good happened.They are very professionals and the owner, Punam, is very nice. I recommend to take one hour flight because there is an ingredible view on the mountains and we can take the time to enjoy the flight's feelings.

Marion M.

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