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Here is a list of different kinds of tandem flights to choose from whichever takes your fancy!!

Twixy The first flying dog in Nepal

If I can do it Anyone can do it.!

Tandem Paragliding is Paragliding together with another person and this other person is well experienced professional Paragliding pilot who is going to be with you the whole time. He/she is in control and in charge throughout the flight from the beginning to the end.

Even if you have never done it before and have absolutely no idea about it, worry not about it please.
All you need to remember is to take a few steps in tune with your pilot at the take off. Once you are airborne, you will be seated comfortably in a harness in the front which is attached securely to the pilot’s harness to your back and the glider. All you require to do is enjoy the moment, take in the scenery and the view, play up to the camera, be the star that you are and take back memories that will live on eternally


A paraglider does not run on fuel & it doesn’t require an engine to run either therefore we can never predict the exact time in the air, being a weather dependent sport please be prepared for some delays (sometimes).

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Departure times: 9:30 am, 11:30 am & 1:30 pm everyday single day as long as the weather is fair and as long as we are not forced to have another “Banda” or nationwide strike day which usually means no transport whatsoever.

Some important things to keep in mind

  • Pickup from the hotel, drive up to the take-off, and back from the landing to our office is included in the price.
  • Please extra people are not allowed in our jeep.
  • Warm clothes long trousers, jacket or sweater are good to wear during winter (October-March), whereas shorts and t-shirt is good for summertime (April-September).
  • It is very important that you wear proper closed shoes eg. Trekking shoes, running shoes or trainers, remember please No high heels / slippers!
  • If you are used to sometimes suffering from car sickness, air sickness,or sea sickness, please we suggest you a take travel sickness pill before . (these sickness pills are easily available at the local pharmacies) or go light on food.
  • It is possible to bring your own cameras or video cameras with you but at your own risk.

The amount you are paying includes all government taxes , VAT & service charge. Your insurance to paraglide is also included in the price.

*Payments can also be done in other foreign currencies equivalent to the published rate of the day.